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TEAM Group is an internationally renowned consultancy Company specialized in engineering, urban planning and architecture. With four main offices on three continents, they can count on a group of highly experienced and flexible professionals that closely interact between the multi-disciplines to offer state-of-the-art services to both private and public clients.

Vast regions of the world are now interconnected by development flows and international corridors. This is the sphere in which we operate and wish to offer our professional contribution.


about imageThe Group's development began in 1975 with the establishment of T.E.A.M. (Technics Engineering Architecture Marketing), followed in 1977 by TEAM Engineering, a company specifically entrusted with the technical execution of designs and studies in the various sectors of engineering, architecture and urban planning.

about imageSince its foundation, the Group has set up other companies, always operating in the field of engineering, in order to provide appropriate support to the progressive development of the activities being handled, both in respect of the geographical areas and specific sectors.

The rapid growth in the volume of projects being handled in Nigeria brought about the establishment in 1983 of T.E.A.M. (Nigeria) Ltd, oriented mainly towards Project Management activities and later providing technical execution, management and co-ordination of the projects acquired in the Country. In fact, the first project undertaken (Kano Cold Store, executed on a turn-key basis) dates back to 1974, when the Group was operating through a locally incorporated company, namely I.C.A. (International Contractor Agency).


TEAM Group employees come from all around the world: Italy, Uk, Nigeria, Ghana, Iran, Spain, etc., a cosmopolitan source of different experiences and know-how. Together Everyone Achieves More.



TEAM Group has offices in Italy and in different Countries of the world, particularly in Africa, to guarantee the efficiency of their activities and to facilitate contacts and communication with Clients.
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In 2004 TEAM Engineering S.p.A. obtained the Quality Assurance Certificate from the Bureau Veritas Italia certifying board, for compliance with the standards of ISO 9001


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Rome - Italy

A company dedicated to the technical execution of engineering, architecture and urban planning projects.

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Abuja - Nigeria

Focuses on the management, technical execution and works supervision of the major projects currently under development in Nigeria.

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Malabo - Equatorial Guinea

Established in this country to follow and support the significant growth of infrastructures driven by a rapid development of the country.

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Accra - Ghana

In 2012 TEAM Group started their activities in Gana and an office was set up in Accra to follow operations..


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