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Our Engineering Department is ready to provide all the essential technical services to coordinate and develop the various articulated phases of a specific project or series of interventions; in brief, this signifies technical - economic - environmental planning; preliminary, final and specialistic designs, construction; works supervision; assistance to the Contractor and/or the Client and programming of macro maintenance activities. Projects may range from feasibility studies for complex infrastructures such as a national railway network, to the design of single construction
works that may be more or less complex, such as long span bridges. 

The construction design of a project is elaborated down to the most minute detail. In fact, it is precisely the study of these single construction details that identifies the professionalism of our engineers and their constant search for possible innovations that the market offers in their quest to find the best solutions to satisfy the Client’s requirements.

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Some significant works

Some examples of major infrastructures projects carried out in railway and transport sectors.

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Rome - Italy

A company dedicated to the technical execution of engineering, architecture and urban planning projects.

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Abuja - Nigeria

Focuses on the management, technical execution and works supervision of the major projects currently under development in Nigeria.

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Malabo - Equatorial Guinea

Established in this country to follow and support the significant growth of infrastructures driven by a rapid development of the country.

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Accra - Ghana

In 2012 TEAM Group started their activities in Gana and an office was set up in Accra to follow operations..


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